Adult Education and Development Conference 2017: Adult education centres as a key to development

Participants of the Adult Education and Development Conference in Tbilisi

On 11 and 12 October 2017, DVV International hosted the Adult Education and Development Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. Under the banner of “Adult education centres as a key to development – responsibilities, structures and benefits”, a specialist international public from 36 countries exchanged views on the role, tasks and structures of adult education centres all over the world.

More than 120 participants discussed how these centres can effectively counter social challenges and ensure access to education for disadvantaged target groups in particular. They also discussed about what role and responsibility local authorities and community administrations have in order to strengthen adult education as a key factor for development.

Key messages on adult education centres 

Participants and stakeholders in Tbilisi agreed on a set of key messages corresponding to the three thematic blocks of the conference: "Public responsibility in adult and youth education", "AEC/CLC as important structures" and "Benefits and Wider Impact of AEC/CLC"

Key messages for download (PDF)

Voices from conference participants

Silas Zuma, National Forum for Community Colleges, South Africa

Katarina Popovic, International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)

Lika Kutelia, Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN), Georgia

Christoph Jost, Director DVV International, Germany

More comments from participants can be found on the YouTube channel of DVV International Georgia

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